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Melisa Officinallis (lemon balm) Essential oil

Top Quality Bulgarian Melissa Essential Oil Manufacturer & Exporter
AromaOilent is a major Bulgarian Melissa essential oil manufacturer and exporter. We are the third generation of farmers with vast experience in growing and harvesting crops for essential oil production. We oversee every step along the production chain from seed to bottle. When you buy Melissa essential oil wholesale from us, you know what you are getting is 100% pure, therapeutic grade Melissa essential oil at the best rate possible.
Melissa is also known as Lemon balm. The oil is extracted by steam distilling the leaves, buds and twigs of the Melissa officinalis herb.

History of Melissa Essential Oil
‘Melissa’ is the Greek word for honey. The herb derived its name from its fresh, sweet, citrusy scent that attracted honey bees.
Since ancient times the herb and its oil have been used for various medical applications from alleviating stress-induced headaches to soothing spasms, reducing insomnia and more.    

Growing, Harvesting & Extraction
Melissa officinalis, the herb from which the essential oil is extracted, thrives in well-drained sandy loam soil, clean air, and plenty of sunshine. Dobruja Valley in Bulgaria offers exactly these conditions, which make it the ideal region for growing Melissa.
At AromaOilent, we have been growing Melissa on our own farms for three generations. Melissa is harvested twice a year – in June and in September. With our trained eye and years of experience, we know when the plants have the highest yield of essential oils. At the right time, the plants are gathered mechanically to shorten the time between harvesting and extraction. Any delay during these two processes can cause the plants to lose some of their therapeutic properties. The mechanical process ensures that the plants are collected and transported to the distillery with all their properties intact.
The oil is extracted by steam distilling the plants without adding any synthetic preservatives or other chemicals. The resultant product is a 100% pure extract. Quality control, environmental sustainability lie at the forefront of every stage in the process.

Description of Bulgarian Melissa Essential oil
Bulgarian Melissa essential oil is rich in over 70 compounds, which give the oil its characteristic aroma as well as its powerful therapeutic properties. Neral, citronellal, geranial, linalool, and germacrene are the main chemical components, making up about 96% of the oil. Other prominent components include geranyl acetate, caryophyllene, cis-ocimene, trans-ocimene, 1-octen-3-ol, and 3-octanone.
The aroma of the oil is fresh and sweet with distinct citrus notes.   
Get Therapeutic Grade Bulgarian Melissa Essential Oil at Wholesale Prices
At AromaOilent, we are committed to supplying our customers with the highest quality Bulgarian Melissa essential oil at wholesale direct prices. Our essential oils are fully traceable from start to finish. Owning every link the production chain allows us to maintain control at every step, ensuring that you receive the finest Bulgarian essential oils.
Our nearby steam distillery is equipped with the latest technology that is designed to maximize the yield from every batch of plants put into it. The chemical composition of Melissa essential oil varies from one batch to another depending on the exact climatic conditions. We test every batch to determine its exact composition.

Uses/Effects of Melissa Essential Oil
The calming properties of Melissa essential oil have been well documented through the years. Inhaling its aroma helps to soothe the nerves, which can be particularly effective for reducing anxiety, nervousness, and panic attacks.  
Melissa’s calming properties also make it a great option to use in a diffuser or in pillow sprays, massage oils and bath oils to promote better sleep.
In the Middle Ages, after discovering Melissa’s mood-boosting properties and its powerful ability to invoke joy and hope, the oil was nicknamed ‘Life’s Elixir’ by some cultures and ‘The Nectar of Life’ by others.
Its virucidal properties make Melissa essential oil a common ingredient in topical products used for treating herpes simplex or cold sores.   

Industry Applications
•    Aromatherapy – Diffused by itself or in blends to reduce stress and anxiety, promote better sleep, soothe headaches, and alleviate nausea.   
•    Perfume Industry – Gives perfumes, fragrances, and deodorants a fresh, citrusy scent.
•    Cosmetics Industry – Its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties find great use in formulating creams, lotions, and oils for treating acne, eczema and minor wounds.  
•    Spa and Wellness – Added to massage oils to reduce pain, promote relaxation and ease stress and anxiety.  
•    Therapeutic Use – Often used in the bath or as a blended massage oil to bring down fevers, reduce pain, calm the nerves and ease headaches.
•    Pharmaceutical industry – Used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products formulated to promote sleep, treat cold sores, relieve PMS and menstrual cramps, ease anxiety, and reduce depression.

Blends Well With     
Bulgarian Melissa essential oil blends particularly well with essential oils that have a heavy floral aroma such as Jasmine, Neroli, Rose and Lavender essential oils. The sweet, fresh, citrusy fragrance of Melissa cuts through the floral scents giving the blend a more complex aroma.
Other oils it blends well with are Geranium, Ylang-Ylang, Bergamot, Chamomile, Frankincense, Basil and Marjoram essential oils.

Macrocompound Content
•    Geranial 16,90 – 40,40
•    Neral 14,00 – 24,10
•    β-Caryophyllene 11,10 – 17,50
•    Citronellal 4,50 – 25,10
•    Caryophyllene max 9,50
•    Germacrene D 04.00 – 18,00
•    Linalool 0,20 – 2,90
•    Caryophyllene oxide 2,50 – 8,40
•    1-Octen-3-ol 0.02 – 2,20

Are you looking for therapeutic-grade Melissa essential oil in large quantities? Your search stop here. AromaOilent manufactures and supplies the highest quality Bulgarian Melissa essential oil at wholesale direct prices to customers around the world. Call us today.  



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