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Dill essential oil

Reputed Bulgarian Dill Essential Oil Manufacturer & Wholesaler
AromaOilent is a leading Bulgarian essential oil manufacturer and wholesaler. We are the third generation of farmers involved in producing and exporting essential oils in bulk to customers around the world.
Our high quality dill essential oil is extracted in our steam distillery, which is equipped with the latest technology for maximum yield and purity. The entire process is closely monitored to ensure that the oil is 100% pure and natural.

Dill has a long and diverse history among various cultures. The word dill is derived from the Norse word ‘dilla’, which means ‘to lull or soothe’. This refers to the herb’s renowned calming properties.  

Dill symbolized health and wealth to the ancient Romans and Greeks who carried a twig of the herb everywhere they went to protect themselves from malevolent forces and their curses. In the medieval period, potions containing dill were often used to repel the ill effects of evil spirits and witchcraft. The Greeks often placed dill fronts over their eyes at night to induce sleep.

Believing that dill brought good luck, German brides carried bouquets with dill delicately arranged amongst the other flowers.  

Roman gladiators dined on food containing dill to boost their strength before going into battle. Ancient warriors also applied a dill extract to heal their wounds and burns.

The very first mention of dill goes way back to around 1550 BC, where the herb is mentioned as part of a traditional herbal mixture used to reduce pain.
Growing, Harvesting & Extraction
Dill grows best in well drained, sandy or loamy soil, although it can grow fairly well even in poor soil conditions. Dobruja Valley in Bulgaria offers dill ideal soil and weather conditions to grow and thrive.
The entire dill plant, including its seeds, leaves and twigs are packed with flavor. Local farmers grow vast tracts of dill using strictly ecological farming practices. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used on any of these farms.
The mature plants are harvested mechanically at the right time to speed up the process. These reaped plants are quickly transported to the distillery to minimize loss of nutrients from prolonged exposure. The oil that is extracted from these plants is rich in the plant’s inherent components.  
Description of Bulgarian Dill Essential oil
Bulgarian dill essential oil is a pale yellow, transparent liquid with a fresh, grassy aroma. Its main chemical component is carvone, which gives the oil its prominent calming properties. The oil has about 70 different compounds, each of which imparts the oil with a different property. This is what makes dill such a versatile essential oil with a long list of benefits.  
Get Wholesale Manufacturer Direct Dill Essential Oil

At [Brand], we’ve partnered with several trusted farmers to ensure a steady supply of dill. The harvested plants are processed in our fully equipped steam distillery without adding any chemicals or preservatives to obtain fully organic dill essential oil of the highest quality. We use time-tested techniques for distilling and bottling the oil to maintain the purity and quality of the oil.
Ever batch of dill essential oil has a unique composition, which is influenced by the climate and type of soil where it the herbs are grown. We test every batch and provide a complete analysis with every shipment.
When you buy dill essential oil in bulk from [Brand], you can feel confident you are getting the finest quality essential oil at wholesale prices.
Uses/Effects of Dill Essential Oil
The oil’s carvone content is effective for regulating hormones that are linked to stress and anxiety. Inhaling the aroma of dill essential oil helps to overcome stress, quiet the mind, and support deeper, more restful sleep.
When applied topically, the anti-spasmodic properties of dill oil work to provide almost immediate relief from painful muscle cramps by relaxing the muscles and nerves.
The assorted antioxidants present in the oil encourage collage production at wound sites, helping injuries to heal faster, while its antibacterial properties help to prevent infection at the site.
Dill oil is also rich in vitamin C, which keeps the skin protected from free radical activity, reduces signs of aging, and lightens dark spots.
When added to a vaporizer, the oil’s antihistamine properties ease asthma flare-ups, respiratory inflammation and other allergy-related symptoms.  
Industry Applications
•    Aromatherapy – Inhaling the fresh, grassy aroma that can help reduce stress and anxiety, calm the mind, and promote more restful sleep. Can be used by itself or blended with other calming oils.
•    Cosmetic Industry – Used liberally in a wide range of skin care products to lighten dark spots, slow down signs of aging.
•    Spa and Wellness – Added to massage oils to relax muscles, soothe painful cramps, and induce sleep.
•    Food Industry – Used extensively as a flavouring agent in pickles, candies, chewing gum and some liqueurs. The addition of dill essential oil also helps prevent the formation of fungus.
•    Pharmaceutical Industry – Widely used in anti-allergy and anti-spasmodic formulations.
Blends Well With

Dill oil blends very well with citrus, herbaceous, and spicy oils including Lemon, Lime, Bergamot, Wild Orange, Clove, Nutmeg, Cilantro, Oregano and Caraway.
Macrocompound Content
D-carvone, dillapiol, limonene, and α-phellandrene are the main chemical components of dill essential oil. Other compounds found in the oil include eugenol, pintrene, carotene, lemonate, dipeptene, isovigenol, myridsticine, fenandrane, and others.
You’re in the right place if you are looking for 100% pure, natural dill essential oil. AromaOilent produces and exports bulk quantities of high quality dill essential oil at wholesale direct prices. Call us today for a quote.



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