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Geranium oil

Leading Bulgarian Geranium Essential Oils Manufacturer & Exporter

AromaOilent is a leading Bulgarian essential oils exporter. Over the years, we have built a reputation worldwide for manufacturing and supplying high grade essential oils at wholesale prices.
We supply 100% pure, natural Geranium essential oil extracted from plants that benefit from the ideal soil and weather conditions prevalent in Bulgaria. Before packaging the oils, every batch is tested to make sure it meets the Bulgarian National Standard of quality.   
History of Geranium Essential Oil

The benefits of geranium for the skin were first recognized by the ancient Egyptians who used the oil liberally to keep their skin looking softer, smoother, and younger. The oil was also used in the manufacture of perfumes. In the Victorian era, hostesses often used fresh geranium leaves to add a touch of aroma and freshness to their formal dining table settings.
Geranium Essential Oil Growing, Harvesting & Extraction

Geraniums grow best in loam soil that has a loose, crumbly texture and is high in organic matter. The soil and weather conditions in the Dobruja Valley in Bulgaria create the perfect condition for geranium to thrive.
The essential oil content of the leaves increases as the flowers reach full bloom. Experienced geranium farmers know exactly when it’s time to harvest the plants for maximum yield. The leaves and stems of the plant are steam distilled immediately after harvesting so that no components are lost due through evaporation or drying.
The oil extracted is pale yellow in color and has sweet, floral fragrance with minty and faintly fruity overtones.
Description of Bulgarian Geranium Essential Oil

Bulgarian geranium essential oil is rich in 67 compounds including citronellol, germacrone, geraniol, sesquiterpene ketones, sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, linalool, and citronellyl formate. Together, these compounds give the oil its powerful therapeutic properties. Its superior properties and complex pleasant aroma are highly valued by a number of industries around the world.
Get Therapeutic Grade Bulgarian Geranium Essential Oil at Wholesale Prices

AromaOilent is a reputed Bulgarian essential oils wholesaler that has been in the business for three generations. We take great pride in our family’s reputation and stay committed to providing our customers with high grade essential oils at the lowest prices possible.
Geranium crops are harvested from neighboring fields and quickly transported to our steam distillery so they can be processed immediately. All processes are mechanized to shorten the time between harvest and extraction. This ensures that all the components of the herb remain intact.
Our steam distillation equipment uses state-of-the-art technology that extracts essential oils without damaging their inherent properties. No chemicals, preservatives, or diluting agents are used at any stage.
We work closely with our trusted network of local farmers to ensure that our customers receive an uninterrupted supply of pure, natural geranium essential oil.

Here’s what you can expect when you buy geranium essential oil wholesale from AromaOilent:
•    Superior quality oil obtained through precision steam distillation techniques
•    Rigorous laboratory testing to ensure the oil meets the highest standards of purity
•    Large quantities of therapeutic grade essential oils at wholesale prices
•    Worldwide shipment
Uses/Effects of Geranium Essential Oil

Geranium essential oil is known as a balancing oil. Inhaling the diffused aroma of this oil helps to balance the heart and mind.
Geranium oil has been valued for its skin benefits since ancient times. It keeps the skin supple and younger-looking by boosting sebum production in the skin. Its astringent properties also work to keep the skin looking younger and smoother.
Several studies indicate that geranium oil contains a combination of ingredients that help wounds heal faster. The oil minimizes the risk of infections by preventing bacteria and other microbes from developing on open wounds. Its hemostatic properties accelerate thickening and coagulation of blood and its vulnerary properties facilitate the healing of cuts, wounds and surgical incisions.
By supporting the endocrine glands, geranium essential oil increases the efficiency of the respiratory, nervous, circulatory, digestive, and excretory systems.
Industry Applications
•    Aromatherapy – Diffused by itself or in blends to balance the mind and emotions, promote relaxation and alleviate anxiety, depression, and insomnia
•    Cosmetics Industry – Highly valued for its astringent and skin rejuvenating properties and is used in lotions, creams, gels, and soaps formulated to manage acne, wrinkles and skin pigmentation.
•    Perfume Industry – Popular addition to feminine deodorants, perfumes, fragrances and body odor products.
•    Spa and Wellness – Added to massage oils to reduce fatigue, insomnia and anxiety and boost mental health.
•    Pharmaceutical Industry – Used to formulate anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antispasmodic, and anti-infectious pharmaceutical products.
•    Medical care – Used for several medical purposes including relieving fatigue and insomnia, soothing PMT and menopausal symptoms, lowering blood pressure, and stimulating blood vessels.  
Blends Well With

Bulgarian geranium essential oil blends well with a lavender, neroli, grapefruit, bergamot, rosemary, lime, lemon, jasmine, citronella, cedar wood, and orange essential oils. These geranium blends are perfect to use in the diffuser or in room sprays to inject any room with a floral scent.
Macrocompound Content

Geranium essential oil possesses 67 compounds. Citronellol, germacrone, and geraniol are the principal components of the oil. Other components include citronellyl formate, linalool, sesquiterpene ketones, sesquiterpene hydrocarbons, nerol, and isomenthone.
AromaOilent manufactures and exports high grade, organic Bulgarian Geranium essential oil at wholesale prices. Call us today at [contact details] if you are looking for large quantities of the finest quality Geranium essential oil at competitive rates.


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