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Why Choose Aroma Oil For Your Bulk Essential Oil Requirements?

Located in the scenic Dobruja Valley in Bulgaria, Aroma Oil is one of the leading exporters of 100% pure, natural essential oils. We export wholesale essential oils to Cosmetics, Perfumery, Food, and Pharmaceutical industries all around the world. Our customers trust us to supply large quantities of the finest quality essential oils at highly competitive prices.

Are you looking for pure essential oils in bulk quantities? These are just some of the many reasons why Aroma Oil is your number one choice.

Ideally located for cultivating herbs and flowers that produce vastly superior essential oils – Obtaining high grade essential oils starts with the land. Dobruja Valley is renowned for its ecologically clean soil, clear spring waters, and mildly sunny climate, which offer favorable conditions for growing plants rich in therapeutic components.

Steam distillery fully equipped with advanced food-grade technology - As a third-generation family run business, we incorporate the latest technology with traditional techniques taught to us by earlier generations. The high quality of our oils can be attributed to our proprietary steam distillation and filtration processes.    

Fully mechanized processes for greater efficiency, higher yield, and better quality – Steam distilling the plant parts immediately after collecting is the key to obtaining the highest yield and best quality extracts. By fully mechanizing the harvesting and transportation processes, we’ve shortened the time considerably, minimizing the loss of therapeutic ingredients from the plants.

Full control and monitoring of all processes – Our knowledgeable and experienced in-house experts monitor every step from beginning to end to make sure that our high standards are not compromised at any point.
Stringent quality control – No additives or preservatives are added at any stage to any of our products. Every batch is tested before shipping to our customers.  
Partnership with a network of local farmers for guaranteed continuous supply – We are able to meet the growing worldwide demand for therapeutic grade essential oils by partnering with select, trusted farmers who share our values regarding environmental conservation, and quality. The plants are harvested and transported to our steam distillery for processing under our in-house supervision. This collaboration allows us to ensure a continuous supply of high quality essential oils to our customers around the world.

Sustainable cultivation practices are strictly adhered to - No pesticides are used, which ensures that the extracts obtained from our crops are completely uncontaminated. Most of our production is conventional. We also produce organic and bio oils in limited quantities.

Lab analysis provided to customers – Every batch of plants that is steam distilled vary slightly in composition from other batches. This is because small variations in climate and soil conditions can affect the composition of the plants. We analyze every batch of essential oil produced and provide our customers with a detailed lab analysis.  

High packaging standards ensures our products are delivered without any problems – We understand the inherent risks involved when shipping products over large distances. Our time-tested packaging techniques minimize these risks and ensure that you receive the products in perfect condition.

Worldwide shipping – We ship essential oils to all countries worldwide via reputed international courier companies. All shipping and customs documents are provided to prevent any holdups.

Wholesale direct removes the need for a middle man - When you buy from Aroma Oil, you are getting essential oils directly from the manufacturer. There are no intermediaries involved. You benefit from receiving unadulterated oils at the lowest prices possible.

Free sample – On request, we’d be happy to send you a free 1-2 ml sample, MSDS and Chemical Analysis.

Multilingual queries - We are a multilingual company and are happy to answer your queries in English, French, and Bulgarian either via email or the dialogue box on our website.

Easy ordering process – We respect your time and have simplified the ordering process to make it quick and easy to place your order. A brief introduction of your business is all we need along with your requirements and delivery address.

Range of wholesale packaging option available – Our wholesale packaging options range from 1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, up to 180kg barrels.
Facility visits welcome - We would love to show you around our facilities. Call us to find out about the best times to visit and book a tour.
Enquiries and Orders

We are a multilingual company. We speak English, French and Bulgarian.
You can send your enquiries to the e-mail addresses posted below or you can use the dialogue box on the website for immediate assistance in your preferred language.
•    We would need a brief introduction of your business and your requirements.
•    On request, we can send you a free 1-2ml sample, MSDS and Chemical Analysis.
•    Choose your incoterms (DDP available only for Great Britain based customers) and payment preferences.
•    Place your order through your company’s e-mail
•    Once funds cleared allow us seven working days to pick, pack and ship your goods.


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